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Excel-GraFit Data Transfer Made Easy

New Excel-GraFit Automation

The most powerful feature of GraFit 7 is now more easy to use. Our new GraFit Fitter template for Microsoft Excel lets you use GraFit to fit your Excel data without leaving Excel and without the need to perform any Visual Basic programming

Do you currently manipulate data in Excel then copy and paste it into GraFit for fitting? Incorporate your analysis into the GraFit Fitter template and you will be able to transfer data to GraFit for analysis and return the results to Excel at the click of a button.

  • No more cut and paste
  • Carry out any GraFit data fitting analysis without leaving Excel
  • Automatically pass data from Excel to GraFit, and results back from GraFit to Excel
  • Include one GraFit data analysis or several within a single Excel spreadsheet.


GraFit Fitter is included in GraFit version 7.02 and later and works with Excel 2003 or later. Install the latest version of the GraFit 7 program and the samples will be copied into your GraFit Data\Sample Data (version 7) directory.


More Information

For information about using the GraFit Fitter template:


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