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Comparison of GraFit Versions


Feature present
Feature present with enhanced capabilities
Feature present but some limitations apply

Feature Version 7 Version 6 Version 5
Fully programmable OLE Automation interface for data exchange between applications    
Multi-user licensing option, including online administration of license seats    
Student licensing option    
Automatic program update notifications    
Restart manager support    
Zoom slider on status bar    
Dynamic  mini text formatting toolbar    
Customizable status bar    
Rich formatted dialog information tips    
Graph field code editor    
Support for GraFit version 3 data files  
Choice of different color styles for ribbon    
Ribbon-style user interface  
Fully-functional "try before you buy" mode  
Improved color selection dialog boxes  
Improved file selection dialog boxes  
Graph field codes  
Alpha-blended icons and toolbars  
Improved data grid  
Improved installation program  
Vista-compatible directory use for data files  
Export bitmaps from graphs
Syntax coloring equation editor
Tip of the day
Support for Windows 7
Support for Windows Vista
Support for Windows XP
Built-in equation editor
Built-in data entry grid
Equation definitions, data and graphs kept in a single file
Graphs update automatically when data or fits change
Large range of equation definitions and data fitting templates provided

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