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Home >  Download GraFit > What is a Software Update?

What is a Software Update?

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What does the update do?

A software update is a downloadable file that will modify your current installation of the software to the latest release. For example, if you have a copy of version 5.0.4 on your computer this is not the most recent release of version 5--applying the update program will upgrade to the latest version. The updates will transform any previous version of the program to the latest release.

Does the update change any of my stored settings?

No, the update only changes the program files.

Why should I bother to update?

The update packs incorporate fixes to the program that are likely to overcome potential problems you may encounter. All software programs will have bugs that can result in program crashes. Applying the update will reduce such occurrences and so improve your experience with the program.

What do I need to do if I want to update?

Just download the update and run it. To install new software you will need "Administrator" security rights. Please consult your system software administrator if you are unsure about what this means.

My company says that only version X.0.6 is approved, but your current release is X.0.9

We number our software follows. Software releases are designated in the manner "A.B.C" where A is the version number, B is reserved for future use (in all current releases this is "0") and C is the minor revision number. We have a policy of correcting faults in the operation of the program and where this is done we use the minor revision number to allow users to know which particular build of the program they have. It is our view that a change to the minor revision number has no influence on the substantive operation of our programs. We are aware, however, that some large companies take the view that any change cannot be permitted. While we disagree with this interpretation, users who are in doubt should consult their company policy.

Can I use the update to move to a later version of the program?

Single-user Licenses. The downloadable updates only upgrade the version of the program that you originally purchased. To upgrade to the latest version of the program you have to purchase an upgrade pack.

Multi-user Licenses. A multi-user license will allow the latest version of GraFit to be used, including later versions. Just install the new version on your computer and you will be able to run it.


What is a Version Upgrade?

A version upgrade is a major release of the software. For owners of single-user licenses, installation of a version upgrade will require purchase of an upgrade license. Owners of multi-user licenses are able to upgrade to any new release while their license is still valid.


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