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Renewal of GraFit Multi-user Licenses

The GraFit multi-user license is purchased in the form of a yearly subscription. Towards the end of the subscription period you will see a warning message when you run GraFit.

Multi-user expiry warning

Message shown when your subscription period will soon expire. To carry on using GraFit beyond the expiry date it is necessary to extend your license.

(Click to enlarge)

How long is left on a multi-user license?

On a multi-user license installation, the Help About dialog box shows how long is remaining:

Multi-user subscription expiry message

How do I extend a multi-user license?

When you purchase a multi-user license subscription, you can either use this license code to activate a new multi-user license, or you can use the same code to add a further year to an existing license subscription. Extension of a license is done via the License Control Panel.

Select the individual license that you wish to extend.

License control panel

Details for an individual license. Click the Extend License button to extend the subscription.

(Click to enlarge)

Extending a license subscription

To extend your subscription, enter an unused multi-user license code (which must be the same type and seat number as the one you are trying to extend) and click Submit.

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When you extend a multi-user license you add an extra 365 days to the subscription expiry date, so even if you extend your license early you will lose no days.


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