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GraFit Knowledgebase Problem PRB008


GraFit version 3 data files cannot be read by version 4/5/6


GraFit (4.01 onwards) can read data files created by version 3, but any graphs present in these files are ignored unless you use GraFit version 7 or later. Data and results listed are imported correctly.


12 June 1998. Updated 20 February, 2010

Versions affected

4.x / 5.x / 6.x


Data fitted using GraFit version 3.0x generates results and graphs that have no links to their source data within the data table. In contrast, fitting results and graphs in GraFit 4 and later remain connected to their underlying data.

Versions 4 / 5 / 6

It is not possible to recreate the link between analysis and data and/or graph and data using these versions of GraFit and you are recommended to rebuild the analysis if you wish to examine old data using these releases of GraFit.

Version 7 and later

Version 7 correctly imports version 3 data files, including graphs. Some minor visual differences may be present due to slight differences in the way that GraFit 3 operated. Note that GraFit version 3 held equation and transformation definitions within a separate file and so if you wish to include the equation definition you will need to open the version 3 equation definition file, copy the definition(s) you require, and paste them into your GraFit workspace file.


To import data from GraFit 3 into GraFit 4/5/6:

  • Load the version 3 file into GraFit 3.
  • Select the data, and choose Edit Copy
  • Run the GraFit 4/5/6 application
  • Create a new data table and paste the data into GraFit

You should then recreate your graphs and analyses within GraFit 4/5/6.

Note that once you have created the GraFit 4/5/6 analysis, it is usually simple to build a template from this file (see the tutorial examples), which means that any subsequent transfers of similar analyses will only require pasting in the old data. Ignoring the time required to create the first template, all later analyses should be very quick to perform.


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