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GraFit Knowledgebase

This page provides a current list of known problems, solutions and work-arounds concerning GraFit.

Please make sure that you are running the most current release of GraFit by installing the latest available patch.

PRB006 Graphs pasted into other applications may fail to display correctly
PRB008 GraFit version 3 data files cannot be read by version 4/5/6
PRB025 How to uninstall old versions of GraFit (early 3.x and before)
PRB027 How is it possible to add symbols to text entered into GraFit?
PRB043 Running GraFit under Windows 2000 or Windows XP may result in the program locking up after displaying the initial splash screen
PRB047 Graphs are created with black page backgrounds
PRB055 Installation freezes during install of the GraFit symbol font
PRB056 IC50 calculations may generate a negative IC50 value
PBR063 Windows Vista compatibility issues
PRB064 Failed to create bitmap as it is too large
PRB065 GraFit 6 crashes soon after starting
PRB066 TIFF DPI setting greyed out in Graph > Export Graph command
PRB067 Tutorial files may not play correctly on some systems
PRB068 Virus threat was identified as Win32/Themida in GraFit32.exe
PRB069 Double-clicking on a GraFit data file fails to open the file in the correct version of GraFit

Font on equation item X Variables and Parameters grids is too small

PRB071 GraFit "hangs" during program start
PRB072 Fonts on equation and fitting grids is too large
PRB073 Is it possible to install GraFit remotely without user intervention?

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