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GraFit Knowledgebase Problem PRB073


Is it possible to install GraFit remotely without user intervention?


When used in a multi-user corporate environment it is often inconvenient to use a standard installation for each seat. This document shows how it is possible to simplify installation within such installations.


14 Nov 2012

Versions affected

The method descibed is only applicable to version 7.0.3 and later


Feature present in version 7.0.3 and later


Note: The solutions presented below are only likely to be of use to system administrators


Silent installation, program will require entry of activation codes and passwords on first use

Enter the following command to run the GraFit7Setup.exe installation file from an administrator level Windows Command Processor:

GraFit7Setup /s /v"/qn"


Silent installation, administrator supplied activation code and password

Extract the batch file template, SilentInstall.bat, from the SilentInstall.zip archive

Modify the following entries in the file to suit your installation:

set GF_ActivationCode=XXXXXXXX Replace XXXXXXXX with the activation code that you wish to associate with this installation. This is the code that is proviided when you purchase a GraFit license. Any code can be entered, but it is most likely that a multi-user license code is most appropriate for this installation route.
set GF_Password=YYYYYYYY Replace YYYYYYYY the the password that you wish to use for this installation.
set GF_PasswordNew=ZZZZZZZZ Replace ZZZZZZZZ with a new password that is needed during reactivation. For initial activation or for multi-user versions, this entry is not used and can be blank
set GF_Email=EEEEEEEEE Replace EEEEEEEEE with the email address that you wish to associate with the installation (only used during first activation of a code). This email address is used to send any "lost password" requests to.


Download the GraFit installation file, GraFit7Setup.exe, and place it in the same subdirectory as the updated SilentInstall.bat file. To complete installation, execute the SilentInstall.bat file (it is necessary to "run as Administrator" to complete installation correctly).


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