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GraFit Knowledgebase Problem PRB071


GraFit "hangs" during program start


After launching the program, the initial copyright screen remains and the program appears to freeze. The issue is caused by the program attempting to perform an online version-check to see whether an updated version of GraFit is available. It appears that some firewalls act to block this access, resulting in a large pause.

The View > Options, Options page has a "Check for program updates when the program starts" checkbox. Unchecking this box will prevent any delay if you experience it.


25 January 2010

Versions affected

GraFit version 7


Version 7.0.3 will limit the maximum delay to to 15s, but in 7.0.2 and earlier the delay can be considerable.


It is possible to prevent GraFit checking for program updates via a registry setting. To make this change, download this file and extract the GF_NOCHECKFORVERSIONUPDATE.reg from the ZIP file. Double-click on this file to update your registry. This change only affects GraFit version 7 and is equivalent to unchecking the "Check for program updates when the program starts" checkbox.


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