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GraFit Knowledgebase Problem PRB027


How is it possible to add symbols to text entered into GraFit?


When entering text into GraFit there is no specific command that allows access to symbols


31 October 1998; updated 27 October, 2007

Versions affected





There are two kinds of non-standard character:

  1. Those that are part of each character set but have ASCII values outside the standard range. For example a degree sign is ASCII 176. To obtain such a character (in any Windows application, not just GraFit) hold down the ALT key and then press keys (in turn) 0176 on the numeric keypad.
  2. Those found in a specific font, for example the Symbol or Wingdings fonts. Here, while entering the text, you need to select the font to use from the toolbar and then type the character that corresponds to the symbol. For example, in the Symbol font a Greek "m" corresponds to the letter "m".

To save you from having to remember obscure ASCII values or font tables, the easiest way to get these characters into GraFit is to use the Character Map application that comes as standard with Windows (often found under Start Menu | Programs | Accessories | System Tools). This application lets you view the members of any font on your system. You can copy any available character and then paste it into the text you are entering.


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