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GraFit Knowledgebase Problem PRB065


GraFit 6 crashes soon after starting.


Soon after starting GraFit, particularly when creating a new item window such as a data table, GraFit crashes.


1 March 2008, updated 1 Jan 2009

Versions affected

Version 6 prior to 6.0.6


This problem is fixed in version 6.0.6 onwards. We strongly recommend that you upgrade to the latest version to correct this problem.


Fix for version 6.0.5 and earlier version 6 releases

Under some circumstances the Windows registry entries that store internal window sizes can hold invalid entries. To correct this it is necessary to reset these registry entries.

1. Click here to download FixGraFit6.zip

2. Extract the file FixGraFit6.reg from the downloaded ZIP file

3. Double-click on the FixGraFit6.reg file to reset the GraFit information stored in the registry. You will have to confirm that you wish carry out this action and that this will modify your registry.


Resetting your GraFit registry will remove any user-specific defaults (font sizes, window sizes, modified toolbars. It will not affect the settings for any other account on the computer, nor will it interfere with your GraFit software license.


An Administrator-level account is needed in order to modify the registry and you should consult your system administrator if you need assistance with this.


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