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GraFit Knowledgebase Problem PRB043


Running GraFit under Windows 2000 or Windows XP may result in the program apparently locking up after displaying the initial splash screen


In Windows 2000 and later, any user that has restricted security cannot execute early versions of the GraFit program. This is due to these versions of Windows having increased security features that prevent programs run by standard users from accessing parts of the registry.


2 February 2001; updated 27 October, 2007

Versions affected

All version 4.x; version 5.0.0 to 5.0.2. Fixed in version 5.0.3 onwards


Although the program appears to have "locked up," in fact it is displaying a message box (saying that it cannot update the registry) but his message is displayed behind the initial splash screen and so cannot be seen. Pressing the ENTER key will clear the message and allow the program to continue. However, unless GraFit is run at least once using an administrator account then the registry will not be set up correctly.

GraFit version 5 (release 5.0.3 onwards). To install the program and/or any program updates initially requires administrator privileges (see your system administrator for further information). However, once installed the program can be run from a standard user account.


GraFit version 4. To resolve this problem it is possible to modify the security setting for the user concerned. The user in question can be made a member of the "Power Users" group (Windows 2000) or allowed to have administrator rights (Windows 2000 or Windows XP). For full support of standard user accounts, however, it is necessary to upgrade to GraFit version 5 or later.


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