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What is Offline Activation?

The Offline Activation process will allow you to activate GraFit on a computer that does not have a connection to the Internet. When you attempt to activate GraFit using your activation code, the program will attempt to validate this code online. In the event that your computer is not connected to the internet, you will need to take steps to validate the program by creating a license file on the computer that has GraFit installed and validating this on a different computer that does have internet access.

Offline activation dialog box

Offline activation involves four steps:
  1. Selecting a location to store the license information file (GraFit.LIC)
  2. Creating this file
  3. Taking this file to a computer that is connected online so that the license file can be validated, producing an activation file (GraFit.CDM)
  4. Installing this file on the original computer.

Note  Offline activation is not compatible with multi-user licensing. This is because multi-user licenses require periodic connection to the internet in order to check that the license has not been revoked by the License Administrator.


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