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Home > Technical Support > GraFit 4 Version History

GraFit 4 Version History

Use the Help About command to find your current version.

A list of known issues (bugs, work-arounds, fixes etc.) can be found in the GraFit knowledgebase.

Please note that running GraFit 4 on Windows 2000 or Windows XP requires that the user is a member of the "Power Users" group, or has administrative privileges. GraFit 4 is not compatible with Windows Vista or Windows 7

Download the latest service pack to update to the most recent release of GraFit version 4 (4.0.21).

Version Fixes and Changes
4.00 Initial release
4.01 Various bug fixes.
Improved text placement in exported graphs.
Import of version 3 equation definition files.
Partial support for import of version 3 data files.
4.02 Fixed bug in text drawing.
4.03 Fixed bug that caused excessive screen repaints
4.04 Fixed bug in data table sort routine
Fixed bug in graph text rotation
Fixed bug that caused crash after renaming of items
Fixed bug that caused interactive estimator not to show curves if constants present
Fixed bug that prevented display of characters with ASCII codes >127 in graphs
4.05 Fixed bug that caused problems if the printer was altered on the File | Print dialog
Fixed bug in Draw | Results Listing not using the fit number
Changed the XY Graph Wizard to allow a selected range of fits to be plotted
Changed XY Graph Wizard to allow legend text box to access fit numbers (use What's This help on the legend text entry for more details)
Prevented access to HTML help if HTML help system is not installed
Fixed GPF problem with transformed plots that access parameter values
Steps taken to cure NT instability problems
4.06 Fixed bug that causes saved files with graphs of fitted curves using constants not being displayed correctly after reloading.
Improved screen updates when swapping between maximized item windows.
Change to y Data with Associated Value column type to allow up to 4 data values to be associated with a data column (previously only 1 value could be associated with the column). Non-linear fitting with equations having up to 5 independent variables can now access the x2, x3, x4 and x5 variables from the y data columns.
Fixed bug that caused instability under certain circumstances when running on NT4.
HTML Help installation now used HHUPD.EXE to set up the help system.
4.07 Fixed problem that caused line colors and thicknesses to fail to copy correctly into other applications via the Clipboard when running under Windows NT.
Built using the latest compiler version; shipped with updated MFC42.DLL to overcome some compatibility problems.
4.08 Fixed problems that caused program crashes when reactivating embedded GraFit graphs from other applications.
4.09 Fixed problem that resulted in occasional corrupted files producing "Unexpected File Format" error messages on re-reading the file.
4.0.10 For logarithmic axes, if joining data points including 0 or –ve values, earlier GraFit 4 versions drew a dummy line a phantom data point lying infinitely far off the graph. This behavior has been modified so that the 0 or -ve point is now ignored (as GraFit 3 did).
Fixed problem that caused the "Estimate from matrix" box on the Estimatrix page to not be set when the page loads.
Fixed problem that caused margin settings not to be saved correctly when in metric measurement mode.
Fixed problem that when adding multiple data sets to a graph, the legend box starts at a variable point on the graph depending on the number of data sets.
Fixed bug that caused custom data table font sizes to be reloaded x2 too large.
Fixed problem that prevented custom data table fonts being used if the font name contained a space character.
Data table entry updated. If a single region is selected, then entering numbers followed by RETURN moves the selection left to right within the selection (similar to the case in Excel). SHIFT + RETURN now moves the data entry point in reverse.
Calculated data table columns (such as Calculated Values | Difference) were not notifying changes to graph windows, resulting in graphs of such entries not automatically updating. Fixed.
4.0.11 Uses latest Microsoft MFC42.DLL system files
Fixed bug that resulted in "Estimate from matrix" box on Estimatrix not being set when page loads
Fixed bug that resulted in margin settings not being saved correctly when in metric measurement mode.
When adding multiple data sets to a graph, the legend box now starts at a variable point on the graph depending on the number of data sets.
Data table entry updated. If a single region is selected, then entering numbers with RETURN moves the selection on one to the right within the selection (as Excel).
Fixed bug in data table font size change (x 2 too big).
Fixed bug that resulted in data table font name not resetting properly if font changed to one that included a space character
Most of the calculated column types (e.g. Difference) were not notifying the document when they changed, which means that graphs of these values failed to update dynamically. Fixed.
Fixed problems with bitmapped combo boxes on certain (S3?) graphics cards.
Equation editor sometimes selects non-standard fonts. Fixed.
Changing graph item name didn't update name used for linking name. Fixed
Changes to formatting of results output (was not calculating page space correctly, so could miss fitting on page)
Hill and simple cooperative ligand binding equations were not correctly defined (thanks Peter Lowe!). Fixed.
Fixed problem with error bars on fitted graphs not updating when the underlying error data are changed. This can also result in unreadable files, which are now able to be read.
Fixed bug that caused crash when ctrl-drag used to copy graphs.
Fixed bug that resulted in minor graph ticks having a "missing" tick on rare instances.
4.0.12 Fixed bug that caused crash (sometimes) when new graph created (whoops!)
4.0.13 Fixed bug in "Calculate x value" routine that caused incorrect calculation under certain circumstances.
Fixed bug that caused crash when reloading a graph with grouped items.
Grid print preview and printing were broken following changes in 4.0.11. This is now fixed.
If chart data source was renamed after creation of graph, information on the graph was not updated correctly, causing a crash. Fixed. Made so that reading old data doesn't crash things.
If equation definition parameter estimate was not defined correctly, the equation would still compile correctly on reload. Fixed.
Updated the Microsoft MFC42.DLL system files to the latest release versions.
4.0.14 Fixed bug with text import, which failed to recognize lines ending with a quotation mark.
Transformations that didn't define data rearrangements still drew data points; corrected.
4.0.15 Fixed bug that caused crash when pasting or renaming items.
Fixed bug that caused crash if transformations defined to have no data.
4.0.16 Fixed bug that caused crash when creating (or adding) graph with transformation of data (not of fit) as source which resulted in crash after initial Add Graph Wizard window.
4.0.17 Fixed crash when reloading files incorporating a Polyline drawing object
Resolved issue when exporting graphs or storing stock items using names containing a ":" character, which caused error
Resolved issue where GraFit items copied then pasted back into the workspace were not listed in the "Add Graph" dialog
4.0.18 Fixed intermittent crash that occurred when closing a Notes window and/or a file containing an open Notes window
Fixed problem where symbol font at small point sizes did not rotate correctly on screen when running Windows XP
Fixed screen refresh problem following file opening
Reduced screen flicker when switching between maximised item windows
4.0.19 IC50 templates updated to eliminate the occasional negative IC50 value.
Fixed problem that resulted in multiple character entry when typing values into the data table (Windows 2000 after applying Microsoft patch 824141).
4.0.20 Corrected bug introduced in 4.0.19 that results in error message when using "Data(a,b)" within Calculated Functions
4.0.21 Fixed incompatibility with Office XP / Windows 2000 systems that results in Equation Definition window using font sizes too small to read

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