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Home > Product information > New in Version 6 > Full List of Changes

Full List of Changes in GraFit 6

  • Office 2007-style Ribbon toolbar
  • Detailed Tooltip hints available
  • Improved menus
  • Customizable Quick Access Toolbar
  • Customizable keyboard shortcuts
  • Legacy toolbars now fully customizable
  • Improved Items pane docker
  • Improved Recent Documents list
  • Improved update checker
  • More extensive on-line tutorials
  • Improved color selection tools
  • Improved font selection box
  • Improved File Open and Save dialog boxes
  • Support for larger bitmap export files
  • Fully functional "Try before you buy"
  • More and improved data fitting templates
  • Improved tabbed item windows
  • Improved use of full color icons
  • Full compatibility with Windows Vista
  • Improved stability
  • Improved compatibility with Office 2007 products using copy/paste
  • Improved data grid
  • Improved use of directory structure for saving files--ensures Vista compatibility
  • Improved line style selection combo boxes
  • Improved pen width selection boxes
  • Improved data point symbol selection boxes
  • Improved help for tabbed dialog windows
  • Improved Edit > Paste command to allow access to different paste options
  • Improved Print Preview
  • New item window selection tab
  • Improved directory browser dialogs
  • Graph Legend text now has live update from data table headers
  • Selected graph objects now moveable using cursor keys
  • Additional equations available as standard
  • Vista compatible large icons used for all file types and the main program
  • Improved installation program
  • Improved error bar drawing logic to allow blank error entries

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