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What is New in GraFit Version 6?

There are many improvements in version 6, which are designed to make the program even easier to use. Some important changes are described below.

Improved User Interface


We have greatly improved the user interface, making the program easier than ever to use. GraFit 6 uses an Office 2007-style Ribbon to group commands in a more logical manner. Users who prefer to use menus and toolbars can switch to a legacy style display if they choose.

Improved Color Selection

GraFit 6 has much improved color selection dialogs.

Improved Font Selection

GraFit 6 has a much improved font selection box.

Improved File Open and Save Dialog Boxes

GraFit 6 offers integrated selection of GraFit-specific file locations, including "My GraFit Data" and "My GraFit Templates" directories. On Microsoft Vista, GraFit also uses the enhanced Vista-specific file dialogs that have common "Favorite Links" and built-in file searching.

Larger Bitmap Export Files

GraFit 6 allows higher resolution bitmaps to be exported than was possible in previous releases.

Fully Functional Trial Mode

GraFit 6 will operate in fully functional Evaluation Mode for up to  14 days after you install it.

More Data Fitting Templates GraFit 6 comes with many more pre-built data fitting templates, with improved capabilities.
Online Tutorials Improved tutorials are available to view online.
Vista Compatibility GraFit 6 has been designed to be fully compatible with Windows Vista, including use of large full-color icons and the Aero Glass interface.

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