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GraFit 6: New User Interface

GraFit 6 uses by default an Office 2007-style ribbon bar to access the various commands. The ribbon bar combines the functionality of both toolbars and menu bars, which are used in more traditional Windows programs.

GraFit 6 using the Office 2007-style ribbon bar

(Click to enlarge)

The ribbon bar displays commands grouped on a series of tabs, giving a less cluttered layout than the traditional display, together with a "Quick Access Toolbar" that can be customized to hold commonly used commands in a consistent manner. The File menu is accessed via the GraFit logo button, found in the top left of the GraFit window.


Using the Quick Access Toolbar

The Quick Access Toolbar can be used to hold any commands that you frequently access. In the example below, various formatting commands have been added.


Legacy-style Menu and Toolbars

It is also possible to run GraFit using a legacy-style combination of menu and toolbars, giving an appearance that is similar to GraFit version 5 and earlier. The legacy style may be preferred by existing users of the program.

GraFit 6 using legacy-style menu and toolbars

(Click to enlarge)


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