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GraFit 7: Academic and Student Licenses

To make it easier for academics and students to obtain discounted copies of GraFit we have introduced new specific licenses for use within not-for-profit organizations. When purchasing or upgrading GraFit you can directly select the license type that is applicable to you.

Academic Licenses

There are academic versions of both single-user and multi-user GraFit licenses.

Academic license in operation

In each case the academic license is completely equivalent to the full commercial license, the only difference is that the academic versions are available at discounted rates. Note that academic licenses are only available to users in not-for-profit organizations.

Student Licenses

With version 7 we have introduced a low-cost entry-level license that is only available to students.

Student license in operation

The Student Edition of GraFit is a full-featured version of the program, but is only available as a 1-year subscription. To continue using the program beyond that time will require purchase of a further subscription.


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