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What is New in GraFit Version 7?

There are many improvements in version 7, which are designed to make the program even easier to use. Some important changes are described below.

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New OLE automation interface for full programmable control GraFit 7 can now be fully controlled by programs such as Microsoft Excel. This allows you to include a GraFit analysis within an Excel file, automatically passing the data from Excel to GraFit for analysis, then passing the results back into Excel. All of this can be done automatically without using Copy/Paste to transfer the data.
New multi-user licensing For use in larger organizations, multi-user licensing gives you far greater control of your GraFit 7 user installations and allows you to manage your license via a web-based system
New academic and student licensing options We have introduced a simpler academic discount model, for both single-user and multi-user licenses. In addition, we have added a new student edition, for the lowest cost entry to using GraFit.
Improved import of legacy GraFit 3 data files Legacy files from GraFit version 3 are now imported fully, including graph information.
Restart Manager support The new Restart Manager support automatically saves documents and restarts your application if it unexpectedly closes or restarts, reducing data loss.
Two new window theme styles GraFit 7 supports two new window theme styles: Scenic (Windows 7 style) and White (Office 2010 style).
Improved Recent Documents list The GraFit 7 Recent Documents list allows you to pin your favorite files to the menu.
New Field Code editor The new Field Code editor makes for easier insertion of calculated values into graph text.
Improved syntax-coloring equation editor The equation and transformation editors have been enhanced by including better syntax coloring and collapsible regions, making it easier to define and modify equations.
Improved information tips Many dialog boxes now show enhanced information tips
New mini text formatting toolbar With the mini text formatting toolbar it is now easier to set font type, size and color.
New Zoom Slider on status bar The new Zoom Slider on the status bar makes it easier to set the magnification of the data and graph item windows
New customizable status bar Customize the appearance of the status bar
New program update notifications The program now automatically checks for downloadable updates and informs you when these are available. (You can opt not to perform update checks automatically if preferred.)

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Pinned Recent Documents
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New field code editor
Improved syntax-coloring equation editor
Improved dialog information tips
New mini text formatting toolbar
Zoom slider
Customize status bar
New themes: Scenic and White
New version update notifications