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GraFit 7: Automation

A major new feature of GraFit version 7 is the facility to use OLE Automation to pass data between GraFit and applications that support Automation, such as Microsoft Excel. Automation lets you control the data transfer programmatically, typically using Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). Using VBA within Microsoft Excel it is possible to pass data from Excel into GraFit, fit the data and pass the results back into Excel.

Using Automation to pass data from Microsoft Excel to GraFit  

Excel-GraFit data exchange



The sample Excel file "Inset Data Kinetics" that comes with GraFit version 7 has a GraFit graph embedded within an Excel spreadsheet.

Data from the spreadsheet is automatically passed to GraFit, fitted, and the fitted parameter values returned to Excel. Automation allows this to be done and the graph updated in real time as the data are entered.

(Click to enlarge)

See Automation in Action


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