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Home >  Product information > New in Version 7 > Full List of Changes

Full List of Changes in GraFit 7

  • New multi-user licensing mode, with web-based control of licensing
  • New academic and student licensing models
  • New OLE automation interface that allows programmable control of GraFit, allowing the capability to pass data automatically between programs including Excel
  • New sample Excel data files illustrating how OLE automation can be used
  • GraFit file format has been updated to be future-proof. GraFit 7 will still be able to read later version data files, even if new versions add new features. To ensure compatibility with version 6 and earlier, GraFit 7 also allows files to be saved in legacy format
  • The values for Constants within non-linear fitting items can now be linked to values that are stored in data tables
  • The values for initial estimates within non-linear fitting items can now be linked to values that are stored in data tables
  • Improved syntax editor used for all equation and transformation equations, and for the calculated function dialog box. Updated syntax coloring scheme to help definition writing.
  • Improved syntax-coloring editor used for transformed axis names in transformation item Data Points page.
  • The transformation item data point transformation definition, on the Data Points page, now allows multi-line data transformations, including IF/THEN/ELSE logic and temporary variables
  • Syntax editors now support Undo / Redo
  • Two new window theme styles added: Scenic (Windows 7 style) and White (Office 2010 style)
  • The recent documents list now allows files to be pinned to the list for permanence
  • Additional template files and Excel linking samples
  • New Size Axis Text to Graph command
  • Improved import of legacy GraFit 3 data files, including graph information
  • New mini toolbar added for easier font formatting during editing
  • New Field Code editor for easier insertion of calculated values into graph text
  • Zoom slider added to status bar (Data and Graph item windows)
  • Zoom level button added to status bar (Data and Graph)
  • New customizable status bar
  • The File New and the Add Template dialog boxes are now resizable
  • Improved layout of Estimates page of equation items
  • Calculated Function dialog box is now resizable
  • View Options dialog box now resizable
  • Many dialog boxes now include improved hint text to assist when making choices
  • Improved Tip of the day dialog
  • Activation dialog boxes now use correctly themed edit control menus
  • Combo box ribbon bar controls now adapt their width when the ribbon font size changes
  • Improved representation for many command icons and all icons now have resolutions that display in high resolution at "Large" and "Extra Large" font sizes
  • Ribbon bar font sizing information is now stored to registry and remembered between sessions
  • Docking pane style improved in appearance
  • Edit control context menu icons improved in appearance
  • A tooltip has been added to the "?" button on item tab windows
  • Improved representation of data layouts for fitting items
  • Improved equation representation for linear fit item
  • New notifications are given when downloadable program updates are available
  • The new Restart Manager support automatically saves documents and restarts your application if it unexpectedly closes or restarts, reducing data loss.

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