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Home Product information > New in Version 7 > Restart Manager Support

Restart Manager Support

The new Restart Manager support, which is built in to GraFit version 7, automatically saves documents and restarts your application if it unexpectedly closes, reducing data loss.

GraFit has stopped working

If GraFit encounters a problem that causes the program to crash, Windows will display an error message and then automatically restart the program.

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Note that the Restart Manager requires Windows Vista or later to operate. It is not enabled on Windows XP.

The Recovery Process

Recover auto-saved document

The Restart Manager allows you to retrieve some or all of your work. GraFit does this by periodically saving your working document; in the event of a program crash GraFit will restart and give you the opportunity to retrieve the last auto-saved version.

Click the Yes button to open the auto-saved file.

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Configuring the Auto-save Interval

Auto-save interval

The interval between auto-saves can be configured from the View tab Options command, Options page.

Having a frequent auto-save interval means that there is less risk of losing data in the event of a program crash. However, on a slow computer this might adversely affect performance.

Select an interval best-suited to your needs. To prevent auto-saving, select "No auto-save" as the interval.

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