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Home > Technical Support > GraFit 5 Version History

GraFit 5 Version History

Use the Help About command to find your current version.

A list of known issues (bugs, work-arounds, fixes etc.) can be found in the GraFit knowledgebase.

Download the latest service pack to update to the most recent release of GraFit version 5 (5.0.13)

Version Fixes and Changes
5.0.0 Initial release

Fixed Enzyme Kinetics and Ligand Binding templates that were initially shipped with transformation definitions uncompiled.

5.0.2 Improved installation for non-supervisor users under Windows 2000
Improved background recalculation processing
New field codes available within text in graphs. Command is case insensitive

{"item name" command [parameters]}
Result item commands:
parameter fitno paramno
paramname fitno paramno
error fitno paramno

The number formatting is taken from the result item format specification. In each case, fitno is the fitting number (1 if there is a single fit) and paramno is the number of the parameter (1 for the first parameter, 2 for the second etc.).

Various small bug fixes

Improved installation for non-administrator users under Windows 2000 and Windows XP to allow full support of restricted user accounts on these operating systems.
Added support for updating GraFit automatically via the Internet
Added facility to "roll back" to a previous installation state

5.0.4 Added support for enhanced file open dialog in Windows 2000 and Windows XP
Added support for Windows XP visual styles
Various small bug fixes
5.0.5 Fixed crash when reloading files incorporating a Polyline drawing object
Resolved issue when exporting graphs or storing stock items using names containing a ":" character, which caused error
Resolved issue where GraFit items copied then pasted back into the workspace were not listed in the "Add Graph" dialog
Fixed problem that resulted in fitted curves not being drawn correctly when using split axes.
5.0.6 Fixed intermittent crash that occurred when closing a Notes window and/or a file containing an open Notes window
Fixed problem where symbol font at small point sizes did not rotate correctly on screen when running Windows XP
Fixed screen refresh problem following file opening
Reduced screen flicker when switching between maximised item windows
5.0.7 Minor bug fixes
IC50 templates updated to eliminate the occasional negative IC50 value.
Fixed problem that resulted in multiple character entry when typing values into the data table (Windows 2000 after applying Microsoft patch 824141).
In graph results listing, although Chi2 is actually calculated, the text says �reduced chi-squared�. Fixed.
5.0.8 Fixed equation estimates page "ignore zero values" check box not updating correctly
Corrected bug introduced in 5.0.7 that results in error message when using "Data(a,b)" within Calculated Functions
Corrected problem introduced into 5.0.7 that prevented equation compilation due to the y symbol name not always being updated after the name is changed
5.0.9 Fixed incompatibility with Office XP / Windows 2000 systems that results in Equation Definition window using font sizes too small to read
5.0.10 Fixed problem that resulted in "No y data transformation has been defined" error when compiling newly defined equations
5.0.11 Fixed problem with compilation of some transformation definitions
5.0.12 Fixed problem with FOR/NEXT loop processing
Fixed error with use of labels and GOTO within equations
5.0.13 Minor stability changes
Partial compatibility with Microsoft Vista. For full compatibility, upgrade to version 6


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