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GraFit 7 Version History

Use the Help About command to find your current version.

A list of known issues (bugs, work-arounds, fixes etc.) can be found in the GraFit knowledgebase.

Version Fixes and Changes
Fix Fonts in grid control elements (equation and fitting item windows) displayed incorrectly on high resolution displays (120 dpi or higher). Fixed.
New Added facility to carry out activation and installation silently. This is useful for administrators who wish to install multiple copies of the software, typically multi-user versions of the program.
See www.erithacus.com/grafit/PRB/PRB073.html for more information.
Fix When "Print" was selected from the File Manager, this could result in a program crash. Fixed.
Update Some minor improvements to stabilty and improvements to calculation speed.
New Updated Excel data files that simplify GraFit - Excel data transfer. Includes new generic "GraFit Fitter" template.
Fix If only 1 parameter was present the graph results listing did not display the fitted value.
New Drag and drop of items improved. Dragging multiple items now shows all icons; dragged icons display better (full 32bit—earlier versions corrupted shadows).
Fix Table tab: “Goto” command showed incorrect label (“GF3: %2%1”). Fixed to replace with the correct “Select a specified cell\nGo to Cell”
Fix If grid is split, mouse wheel scrolling was specific to the selected window. Fixed so that all split panes scroll
Fix Crashes due to null window pointer in obscure circumstances with split data window. Fixed.
Fix Registration code entries with any letters in lower case were not recognised.
Fix Invalidating multiple-x equation then re-validating resulted in wrong data layout being displayed in non-linear fit item (but correct data layout was still used for fitting). Fixed.
Change Initial estimate routine was forcing a fail for equations with more than 1 x variable. Now allowed where appropriate.
Fix If some circumstances, errors during fitting data after clicking Fit Data, the message box reporting the error didn’t appear as visible. Fixed.
Fix Autosave results in any open graph edit text boxes being removed as update signalled. Now corrected.
Fix Autosave could trigger a “A background process is in operation…” message if it happened during a calculation. Corrected.
Fix The Delete key now works as expected in items list when editing item names.
7.0.0 Initial release

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